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Attock- Earliest World War-I Memorials

100 years old – WW-I memorial on the bank of Indus at Attock in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan is arguably one of the earliest WW-I memorials anywhere in the world.

On the outbreak of the First World War the 40th Pathan regiment was stationed in Hong Kong. It arrived in France on 2 April 1915, and within days, was on the front-lines. The 40th Pathans fought with great gallantry in the Second Battle of Ypres (Belgium), where they suffered 320 casualties on 26 April 1915 (“Ypres Day” for the regiment), and in the Battles of Aubers Ridge and Loos. A 25 ft tall stone memorial .303 inch rifle-cartridge was unveiled on the 4th anniversary of Ypres Day on the right bank of River Indus, by the wayside, on 26th April 1919. It became 5th Battalion (Pathans) 14th Punjab Regiment in 1922. In 1947, it was allocated to the Pakistan Army, where it continues to exist as 16th Battalion The Punjab Regiment of Pakistan Army.

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